Some Things Are Just Meant To Be


Four The Dream is a full service photography/Cinematography studio. We pride ourselves on a dedication to produce high caliber work while keeping our clients stress-free and relaxed. Our full-time all-star team is made up up 4 photographers, 4 videographers,2 editors and 2 awesome designers. We’re able to take care of everything from album printing to day-to-day business activities. Headquartered in Toronto, but our teams are available in the USA and worldwide!

As the times are changing some things hold true forever. Digital files are fun to share on social media and to keep on your phone, but there is still nothing like walking into a home a seeing a beautiful image from your wedding day, or opening a wedding album on your coffee table. Thats why our team provides our couples with awesome products, which include photo albums, wall art, table art, magazines and much more!